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Meet Lily


Hi, I'm Odette

Patricia Odette Tam is practicing in Newport Beach

as a licensed skin therapist. She is also certified and trained in Oncology Aesthetics. 

She has a Bachelors's degree in Nursing and Biology

along with being state board certified by the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine from San Diego. 

Arlene R

Odette takes care of my facial treatment needs. The first thing she asks at the start of every appointment is what skin concerns do I have currently and then she suggests treatment options. She is honest and conscientious of her work, very knowledgeable(up to date on the latest effective skincare technology) and passionate in her work. I trust Odette's judgement and advice and I am her customer for life.


Beth Sanders

I just left the SPA and wanted to leave a review for the Phenomenal experience I have ever had in a spa. The ambiance, cleanliness & services they offer are all above standard, with great results. The Owner was very informative and knowledgeable on every aspect of her treatments.I would definitely give this SPA a beyond 5 star rating. Absolutely worth my 2 hour drive.

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